Studio Policies

1900 Sunset Dr. Suite B
Escondido, CA

EVS Studio Policies

Monthly Membership Fee:
The monthly membership fee is automatically charged on the first of every month and is non-refundable. For any insufficient funds transactions, a $25 fee will be charged.

Membership Changes and Cancellations:
There are three membership options – Singers can be on a 30 minute plan (4 lessons/mo., every week, $195), or a 60 minute plan, full time (4 lessons/mo., every week, $390) or a 60 minute plan part time (2 lessons every other week, $195).

Non-Membership Pricing: $110 per hour.

Membership must be canceled at least 15 days prior to the first of the next month, and must be in writing. A $90.00 expedited processing fee may be paid to cancel any membership effective immediately.

Lesson Rescheduling:
Lessons cannot be rolled-over month to month. Aside from your first month, membership fees cannot be prorated. If you need to reschedule a lesson, EVS requires a minimum of 24-hours notice, which can only be given via written notice (text or IM are fine as long as it is has been confirmed to have been received). If 24-hours notice (or more) is given, then a make-up lesson can be rescheduled within the next 30 days. After those 30 days, the make-up is forfeited permanently. Make-up lessons are scheduled according to lesson/studio availability, and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Students are allowed one make-up lesson per calendar month. Unused make-up lessons do not carry over into future months. We do not pro-rate future months for cancelled lessons. If less than 24-hours notice (or no given notice) is given, the lesson is forfeited permanently and cannot be rescheduled, refunded or credited.

For Months with 5 weeks:
These days are set aside for make-up lessons.

Classes and Performance Groups:
Classes are comprised of 3 or more students.Tuition is based on the number of students and time scheduled per month.

Open Mic Night:
Open Mic Nights are designed to cultivate a natural performance environment for students. More information will be coming soon!

Please be on time! Lesson minutes lost due to student tardiness are not applied to the next lesson and are not prorated.

Use of Image/Audio Consent:
From time to time EVS may take photographs, video and/or audio recordings of students. The resulting media may be used for display, instruction manuals, books, marketing, and internet promotion, in both print and electronic formats, and any other promotion purposes for EV Studio. the students’ name, image, likeness, and voice may be used without further consent or payment to student. Recordings, audio and/or visual, may be made during lessons and performances, however, only recordings from performances and public events like workshops may be used by EVS for public display. Recordings from private one-on-one lessons are kept and confidential, and will be used only for the student’s training and improvement.

Tersila Romero
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