Tersila Romero / Studio Owner & Voice Instructor

Tersila RomeroTersila is a professional vocal coach with over 25 years of teaching, producing and performing
experience. She brings her knowledge of vocal science, performance and education together
to create an atmosphere where students can flourish in both technique and artistry! She has
the unique ability to quickly assess and prescribe a vocal regiment that will bring quick results
while honoring the artistry of the student.

Tersila is honored to be a member of the PanAmerican Vocology Association. PAVA is a group
of voice professionals from all voice related vocations including Vocologists, SLPs, ENTs,
Professional Singers, Voice Teachers, Voice for the Actor Coaches and Voice Therapists.

Tersila’s clients have been seen on Broadway: starring in the hit show, Hamilton, The Musical 13,
Bye Bye Birdie, and Beauty and the Beast., as well as American Idol, The Voice, Miss America and
Miss California. Locally her students work in equity and non equity shows, sing in church and
perform in venues around San Diego!